DAY 17

A few weeks later, Cruz and I embarked on our first journey to the mountains. You can see him above, surveying his new kingdom. It was new to him, but not for me. It’s an old favorite in good old Burbank, California, just enough of a hike to poop out the laziest puppy I have ever met. At three miles round trip, medium level difficulty, it really is not that daunting. The rolling hills and view of downtown LA (even the ocean on a good day) always leave us wanting more. Anyone who stays with us gets dragged along at some point, no matter their feelings about hiking.

Enter Cruz.

Billy and Kiki, my well versed hiking pups came along to give Cruz an added confidence boost. We made it about three quarters of the way to the top. Not because Cruz was tired, but because each time a person passed, he nearly tried to walk off the edge of the mountain out of fear. My personal favorite was when he dove head first with all his might into a bush and came out looking like the worlds dopiest flower child. (His first experience being up close and personal with a person on a mountain bike). Horrifying. I tried my best to comfort him, because lets face it, that is just what moms do.
I think due to a severe case of puppy sleepiness, Cruz calmly made his way back down to the car and promptly fell asleep. I should mention, this was the first day we had the opportunity to have him out all day, and we had other plans to go to a art fair in downtown Burbank. I knew it would be a struggle being active all day, seeing as when I got Cruz he was seriously so chubby he had a little roll of fat that wobbled around in-between his two front legs when he would walk. Adorable? yes. But he is meant to be an adventurer! Not a couch puptato (sorry I had to). Anyway, the heat of the day was not exactly helping the situation, and when we got to the fair, I was so excited to show my pup to the world, but he pulled me from booth to booth lying in the shade of each, and refusing to walk down the street in a normal fashion.
After about two hours, it was time to give up and go home. That was the best part of his day. He slept the rest of the day away, and the next morning was the first time he let me sleep in past 6:00AM without making me let him out to pee. Success.


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