Cruz Turns .5!!

Yeah I threw my dog a half birthday party. So I am a crazy dog person and I know it, but I also want to take an opportunity to explore that.  Just go full on crazy dog person with it.  People will mock dog birthday parties and other such dog mom events, but here are some reasons you need to get on board already!

      Having a dog is proven to make people happier, and get people outside which does the same.  Ive read stories about obese people adopting obese shelter dogs, and getting outside together to lose weight.  One man ended up losing around one hundred pounds, and became a marathon runner, and saved that dogs life by not only getting him out of the shelter, but by helping the dog to become healthier as well.  It is a cycle of improving quality of life, but the important thing to remember to me, is the difference it makes to humans versus your animal.  That process of losing weight and a lifestyle change is a few year for a human, but it can literally be an animals entire life.

That is why I throw my dog a half birthday party and give him cookies that look good enough that I would eat it! When people come home from work and think, “Alright, I have to walk the dog, feed the dog dinner..” etc. its a small portion of the day, but thats the best part of Cruz’s day,  undoubtedly.  I’m not sure people always make that distinction, and I am so grateful to have a pet that encourages me to get outside more often, and make sure he gets the enrichment he needs to be the happiest pup out there.    

Foot note on the crazy dog lady thing: My sister adopted another dog yesterday.  He is a twelve year old chihuahua off the streets.  He is extremely underweight and he only has two teeth.  So she saved him!  Current names under consideration include Cap’n (Cappy for short), Crunchy, and Krusty.


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